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At Skyport Logistics Worldwide, we believe in creating an equal playing field for all. We believe in tearing down the barriers and allowing everyone to flourish.

We do this by understanding our clients’ needs. Our ethos is to speak from the heart. Our services are geared to ensure inclusivity, and ease of mind. You may be an established business or you may have just started out. Either way, your business should not be impeded by technicalities and red-tape. Our services ensure that. We accept nothing short of excellence.

“There is a big shortage of services catering to startups and entrepreneurs. If you look at it, startups are the next big thing that can help our people and economy. They also need a space to grow and succeed. But, the major players only cater to established, big companies. Those guys are too big to handle startups. I don’t think they are even bothered. This needs to change!” -Sajehan Buckman, Director

We are here for a reason.

We are in it for the long run

This is the ‘Why’ of our company. We want all the fish to be able to swim in the sea, including the small ones. It’s what drives us to come to work every day.
Our aim is to simplify. We want startups to have access to the world of International Trade, Shipping & Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, as well.


You have goods that need transporting. These goods must leave and arrive on time. They need protection from damage. You don’t want to be blocked by red-tape, or technicalities. Most importantly, this entire process must not break the bank.

We get it. That’s why our services aim to be transparent

Traditional Services

  • Sea Freight – Imports & Exports
  • FCL shipments
  • LCL Shipments
  • LCL Consolidation
  • Car Carrier Services
  • Air Freight – Imports & Exports
  • Apparels – Garment on hangers / LDs
  • Custom Brokerage
  • Transport
  • Perishable

Modern Services

  • Contract Logistics
  • 3PL
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution
  • Value addition
  • Sea Air Operations

International Business Process Facilitation

  • Setting up of company. Business registration
  • Register with Inland Revenue Department
  • Register with Sri Lanka Customs
  • Calculate Custom duties
  • Trade Finance

Approvals from

  • Sri Lanka Standard Institute
  • Sri Lanka Tea Board
  • National Medicine Regulatory Authority (Cosmetics & Drugs)
  • SGS Certificates / Quarantine Certificates
  • Export Development Board

Our Team

Mohamed Mohideen
Group President

Sajehan Buckman

Rizkhan Rizvi

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